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Data Collection Subsystem

The data collection subsystem consists of a specialized data collection application, which is designed to communicate with stations Sensors and control them.
The subsystem queries (polling) at any time selected by the operator stations to collect the sensor measurements. Furthermore, the measurements are collected automatically when any of the sensors monitored by the sizes increased beyond the default values (thresholds) alarms. Also, the subsystem enables system operators to alter both the pattern reading sensor through easy graphical interface and the default values (threshold) alarms.
Furthermore, data from the sensors of the channels stored in relational database (RDBMS) system for a period of at least 1 month, so that the possibility of creating the reports reference (data and graphics development of meteorological phenomena on the road, alarms and events and a summary of the existing system, system status alerts, etc.) for transfer to other computing facilities for further processing. The software supports graphical and Diagram showing the sizes of both monitored in real time and based on the stored data.
Moreover, the subsystem enables configuration and calibration of sensors and the reading of each separate measurement, data collection relating to the operation, the status of sensors and communications and remote installation of new firmware versions of sensors. Finally, note that apart from the sensors subsystem is responsible for communication and collection of images from cameras installed at every station.


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