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Individual Information Dissemination System

The Subsystem of Information Dissemination System Information has a role in the presentation of data gathered and processed at the Control Center, responsible for - selected entities and citizens through various channels and the default and means of disposal.
The development of subsystems include:

  • The hardware (server / s PC in the Control Center)
  • In the telecommunications equipment for servers interconnected with channels of information,
  • Website inform the public and
  • In special equipment LED displays (VMS, Variable Message Signs), which are strategically placed at preselected points on the main entrances of the sub-national roads in the prefecture of Fokida in the Region of Sterea Ellada.

Server computers in Control Center

In the Control Center in Fokida Prefecture building has established a special server which installed the applications of the individual subsystems.
Moreover o server is connected to UPS, which will ensure the continuity of a stream for at least 20 minutes after the current fall.

Telecommunication equipment interface server to the channels of information and the sensor stations

 General view of interconnection subsystems


Figure 4 General view of interconnection subsystems


The server (server) and the RDBMS database linked via Ethernet to a gateway, and then through the router to the Internet. The gateway is able to provide static IP addresses to GPRS modem stations and billboards VMS.
H mission and collection of data from the central server stations and sensors, and VMS signs made using the Internet via secure channel (VPN) and use the SSH protocol and L2TP. So why the sensor stations, and billboards have been placed VMS GPRS modem, which also have embedded firewall that data collection and plates are available only from authorized IP addresses, and any other unauthorized access to actions discarded.


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