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The proposed system is a pilot and implement innovative and integrated into the operations of transport. The project aims to meet needs as expressed by various groups to the Prefecture of Fokida in the Region of Sterea Ellada. First Citizens, residents of the region, professional associations freight cars, and visitors or bystanders expressed the need for timely and accurate information on the status of departmental roads, especially during the winter months. These roads, being in the majority of the mountain, are acute problems of frost, snow, fog and heavy rain. These natural phenomena are often a source of accidents in the region, have afflicted many civil society and authorities, and often creates many problems in communication with obvious impact on communication and the economy.
In addition, special teams of the Prefecture for the cleaning of departmental roads today to start operating after the events and when an operation has evolved before the preventive effects often leads to pointless in the absence of local measurements.
The proposed system should be timely and accurate information on conditions (ice, snow, fog, intense rainfall, etc.) prevailing in the National Secondary Road, which will spread through the crowd interested channels (Internet, LED VMS Signs Roads to, cellular networks) in real time. In particular the special teams will have the opportunity to know about the development of a frost at least two hours before, to develop early and to take appropriate measures (development teams, running salt, markings, street cleaning, etc.).
With this system each Citizens (residents and travelers) would be aware and take the right decisions for their preparation and the Prefecture can fully exploit the potential of special teams to ensure open and safe way. Still, given that roads will be safer and will be kept open, and expected benefits for the local economy and tourism. Finally, the social benefit is invaluable because it will enhance communication center - and the region will reduce the difficulties in transportation particularly with more distant villages.
In conclusion, the beneficiaries for various reasons mentioned include:

  • The Citizens (residents of the area and tourists or transit travelers)
  • The Prefecture
  • The workers in specialized workshops in the prefecture
  • Local Economy and Tourism


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