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Meteorological Sensors

The main meteorological data are monitored and recorded:

    1. The temperature and relative humidity of the environment.
    2. The state of the road, ie temperature, humidity, presence of ice, chemical residues on the surface of the road, etc.
    3. The temperature beneath the surface of the road and a water depth of -30 cm.
    4. The direction and wind speed.
    5. Visibility.
    6. Meteorological precipitation (precipitation).
    7. The atmospheric pressure.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor (Temperature & Humidity Sensor)

For the measurement of temperature and relative humidity was assigned to supply a single sensor, which is based on:

  • The principle of operation of electrical thermometers, and
  • The operating principle of capacitive sensors for measuring humidity

advantages of data as to the accuracy, maintenance and cost of sensors presented in the previous paragraphs.
These sensors are placed inside a special capsule protection from radiation (radiation shield).

Sensor Status road (Road Sensor)

This sensor is incorporated in the pavement, in the same area with the road and can make the following measurements:

  • Pavement surface temperature
  • Temperature at least two points below the surface of the pavement
  • Moisture in pavement surface
  • Status surface (ice, wet, dry, etc.)
  • In the presence of chemical residues, eg sodium chloride (salt), etc.

O This sensor is capable of measuring temperatures below the surface and therefore have used ceramic semiconductor sensors primarily type hot conductor (NTC) for greater strength and thickness measurement for the liquid surface to provide creation of ice, use special radar.
Finally note that due to the placement of such sensors directly on the street, meeting stringent specifications and leakproofness particular model IR68. The sensor has the ability to record temperature at a depth of 25cm.

Wind sensor (intensity and direction)

This unique sensor intensity and wind direction is ultrasonic type. The sensor consists of ultrasonic transformers opposite placed between them.

Visibility sensor

Under this project a simple light sensors were installed.

Meteorological precipitation sensor

The sensor is based on meteorological precipitation using radar. The proposed sensor is capable of analyzing up to 0.01mm.

Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

In the context of the project mounted type sensors measuring air pressure capacity.
Moreover, some of these sensors because of their operation is very sensitive to temperature changes. For this reason and given the placement of sensors in the external environment, which presents a wide range of temperature changes throughout the year have used special heating units to maintain the temperature at desired levels. These sensors comprise the sensor wind, precipitation, visibility and road surface condition.
Finally, all the above sensors cover the appropriate interfaces (RS-485 or 4-20mA) for communication with the collection of measurement unit that is also the sensor stations.

IP camera

To provide a visual picture of environmental conditions prevailing in Sensor Stations, installed them and special IP camera, the signal is transferred to the control center and web site information together.
The IP camera is placed in a special box-type IR55 to withstand adverse conditions. The camera is sending 30 frame per second (frame rate) and follows the standard Motion JPEG and MPEG-4. The camera interfaces with GPRS Modem, which are interconnected and the collection unit of measurement sensors, with an Ethernet Interface.


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